The latest standard of satellite telecommunication in INMARSAT system. For people and institutions that need reliable and fast data transfer from location with weak telecommunication infrastructure.
Since 9 July 2005 this standard runs through the Inmarsat satellite of the latest generation I-4, what assures much widened coverage (see picture).
INMARSAT standard gained many users in very short time what is a result of following aspects:

1.small weight and size od terminal (1,6 kg; 30 x 24 x 4 cm)
2.easy activation, which means:
3.pluging the therminal to computer using USB or ethernet wire,
4.activating a dedicated computer programme.
5.pointing a terminal antenna to the satellite - the computer programme calculates and gives the direction (azimuth) and angle of depression
6.very easy transfer realization which bases on web browser (ex. Internet Explorer), mailing programme (Outlook Express) or software dedicated to file sending (ex. ftp),
7.the lowest purchase/buying cost of satellite communication devices,
8.the lowest cost of usage (accounted depending on quantity of sent information not on connection time) among all available satellite systems,
9.the fastest data transfer among currently available satellite systems - up to 144 kbit/s (GPRS).
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